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Canberra – a Love Story

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A beautiful post by Beck from “In Search of Golden Pudding” about the recent Eat Drink Blog conference in Canberra – she has taken so many great photos! Had to share 🙂

In Search of Golden Pudding

Last month, at Eat Drink Blog, I fell in love with my city all over again.

I first came to Canberra more than 20 years ago in my late teens.  I came as a student, from a childhood in the bush, and initially found it very bare and open, with what seemed to be identikit suburbs stretching on forever.

Gradually, as I developed networks of friends and familiar places, it grew on me.  I grew to love my tree filled neighbourhood, the birds…the closeness to bushland, shops, and monuments and attractions.  In the world of food I loved my local markets, both the big Belconnen Markets, as well as smaller local ones, and as we had children, appreciated a rare night out at some of Canberra’s great restaurants.

Yes I loved all these things, but it was a quiet appreciation, born of long familiarity and I think I took…

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$5 Friday: Golden Jewelled Risotto

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What a fascinating post from Serina Huang at Ms Frugal Ears! I had no idea that Dandelions are one of the healthiest superfoods around. She explains: “They are incredibly good for you, in particular they have detoxifying properties that are good for your liver and some extremely good cancer fighting properties. The best time to eat the leaves is very early spring while they are green and tender – once they flower they become bitter. But there is nothing to stop you from eating the flowers themselves”

Ms Frugal Ears 小氣耳朵

I have been accused recently of liking to cook with flowers.  I am entirely guilty of this: I love incorporating edible flowers in my cooking.  And today I am going one step further and incorporating an edible weed.

Risotto topped with dandelions

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Dream Cuisine, Fyshwick – a passion for pastry!

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Lovely overview of Dream Cuisine in Fyshwick by Michele Walton at the Find Eating blog. The crew make the freshest & best croissants in Canberra, due to the fine ingredients and refined method.

Fine Eating

Dream Cuisine is a patisserie with purpose! Owen’s ‘Dream’ is to create the finest laminated pastry and perfect macarons.

Not bound by the rules of traditional pastry cooking, Owen encourages his team to explore new ideas, take risks and experiment with different butters and flours to achieve the very best results. (They even source their butter from Naomi in Myrtleford, Victoria who studied butter making in Europe!)

Along with his mum and business partner, Marilyn, Owen has successfully taken their vision to the Hamlet (Little Dreams), Old Bus Depot Markets and the Capital Region Farmer’s Market.

While the Fyshwick location may not be as convenient as more central spots, it gives the team the space they need to work their magic, and is so worth the trip! (The Lavender macaron is amazing!).

Cozy and cute, Grace and Annie make you feel right at home.

The coffee is excellent and there’s…

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Review Dream Cuisine Patisserie and Cafe

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My friend Dr Gary Lum (From the YummyLummy food blog) has bolted out of the starting barriers and beaten 20 other foodies at sharing our shared bakery experience from a visit to Dream Cuisine Patisserie this morning.

photos and text courtesy of

You should also follow Gary and Dream Cuisine (and every single other Canberra foodie) on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!

He writes:

You just have to go to Dream Cuisine Patisserie and Cafe if you want pastry, coffee, morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea. This is a must do place in Canberra.

Source: Review Dream Cuisine Patisserie and Cafe

Pit Cooking!

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As we approach the first ever Canberra BBQ Festival in early December I’m becoming more intrigued by different styles and techniques from around the world. Here is one from South America via British Columbia!

Dream Cuisine Patisserie, Fyshwick

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I dropped into Dream Cuisine today for a sausage roll and chocolate croissant – both delicious. I’ll come back and write a more detailed post but in the meantime here’s some delightful words and pictures from the lilyandaoukeatfood blog about Dream Cuisine in Fyshwick!

Lily & Ouk Eat Food


I love Canberra, its got great food, lovely people, everything and anything is only a 20min drive away, there is no peak hour and the airs cleaner. Outside of the cold, the only thing I miss about Sydney is the cakes, sweets and pastry shops (and family of course!).

At least once I week, I’m sitting at home craving pretty looking pastries and sadly I don’t know many places in Canberra that do good sweets and! Most importantly are open on weekends or open outside of work hours (I’m talking about you Flute Bakery, why do I have to be sick to have delicious baked goods?!) I mean Canberra does have good baked goods e.g. Autolyse, Silo, Cornucopia and etc but I want a place where patisseries come first, all that savoury stuff can come later. I’ve been to Ricardo’s and its nice, sadly I don’t want to just have one place…

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The Canberra Food Blog List (79 so far, updated 10 March 2016)

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Absolutely Jas @absolutelyjas

Adventures in Winterland by Sharon Trauki @Sharon_inez

A Kitchen Cat Natasha (aka A Kitchen Cat) was a contestant on the 2014 Master Chef TV series! here’s a link to the story in the Canberra Times including the cheeky tweet from Rachi Perera which revealed the news 🙂

Andrew and Emelia’s Food Adventures @EVimalasiri

Anything But Toast

The Baking Bureaucrat

Bake Bike Blog @bakebikeblog

You Berra believe it @LindaSoo

Bizzy Lizzy’s Good Things @bizzylizzycooks

Blithe Moments @LisaRobey

Boy and Spoon

Brazen’s (mostly) gluten free adventures!

Café Cat @the_cafeCat


Canberra Gastronome @CanGastronome

Canberra Times Food and Wine (Choose your “location=Canberra”) Current and previous Editors: @NatashaRudraCT and @kirstenlawsonCT

Capital Food Journal @capfoodjournal

Capital Gourmand (Tom moved to London last year but his blog is still excellent) @FreeHugsTommy

Cara Phillips @_caraphillips_

CBR Foodie (me! :)) @CBRFoodie

Charinya’s Kitchen @CharinyaR

Dreaming of Almonds (and a nicer world) @Almond_Dreams

Eat Canberra

Emiko Davies @emikodavies

Exploring the taste of language

Feeding the Sonis

Fine Eating

Food Porn journal

Food Wine Travel @ChristineSalins

Freak Biscuit “gluten-free vegequarian”

Good Food Week @GoodFoodWeek

Green Foodie @greenfoodie

Her Canberra @HerCanberra

In The Taratory @InTheTaratory

In Search of Golden Pudding @BeckGoldPudding

The Intolerant Chef (not active on Twitter)

Karin’s Recipes and Random Musings

Kate Freeman Nutrition @KFNutrition

Kiriels Kitchen Medieval and Renaissance cooking

Le Bon Vivant @Rachiperera

Lily and Ouk Eat Food

Love at Every Bite @loveateverybite

Makeitbakeitsnapit @kirsty__young (previously known as ‘In the Kitchen with Kirsty’)

Miss K Licious As Anna (@Eatnik) explained, MissKlicious is Sydney-based but reviews many CBR restaurants and deserves an honourable mention 🙂 she’s on twitter too @missklicious

mnfdblog – maybe about food, maybe not @neildoody

Mouthless Mutters @ezzbez

Mumchic @mum_n_chic

My Canberra Table @girl_who_cooks

My Nutritious Journey @KaseyBateup

Netherleigh @netherleighblog

Nilbarcodefood @nilbarcodefoodNilbarcode

Nutrition In Action @Eucale_Stanes

One Hungry Hen Heidi lives in Cooma, just south of Canberra but spends a lot of time here and blogs and tweets regularly about Canberra food and happenings @onehungryhen

Raving Recipes @ravingrecipes60

shenANNAgans @AnnaJ31

Short and Sweet

Shrinking Single @shrinkingsingle

Sir and M’Lady Dine Out mainly outside of Canberra but they have a Canberra section to their blog and they’re on Instagram

Susan’s Sumptuous Suppers

Tales of a Confectionist


The Bread and Butter Chef

The Canberran @TheCanberran

The Cinnamon Scrolls @cinnamonscribe

The Constance Search For Gluten Free

The Food Avenue @thefoodavenue

The Food Marshall

The Girl Has Sparke @girlhassparke

The Macadames @themacadames

The Martini Whisperer @martiniwhisper1

The Merrymaker sisters @fithealthymade

The Munch and Crunch

The Patient Cook

The Unicorn Mum

The Wooden Spoons

Travel and beyond @TravelnBeyond

Vegeterannean Editor Charlotte is a well-known journalist, publisher and researcher in Canberra writing circles and active in social media on twitter via @vegeterranean and Editia

Woodkitchen by Lucy

Yummy Lummy @garydlum