Canberra Cocktail Bar Directory

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This list of #Canberra Cocktail bars is worth keeping handy for interstate guests and alcohol-inspired spouses 😉

The Martini Whisperer

20131228-134423.jpgThere’s nothing worse than being thirsty for a Martini in this town.

So this list might be handy. It has most of the reliable cocktail bars around town where I think you should, the planets and bar staff permitting, get a decent Martini.

More Info

CAVEAT: Apologies in advance for any errors in the list, and if I’ve missed someone, please let me know. This list is not an endorsement of a particular bar- just a reference for you.

Last Updated 11 /03 / 2015 
  • Who: A.Baker
  • Hours: 7am, seven days til late.
  • Where: 15 Edinburgh Avenue, New Acton
  • Contact: 62876150
  • Web:

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