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Bad Dining? Sunrise Cafe

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The Sunrise café is worth a visit. Don’t be put off by the décor or lack of polish. It’s better value than the McDonalds up the road. My burger, chips and drink was only $7 and, as The Canberran explains below… it’s a cultural experience and window into a bygone era in our city.

The Canberran

A Canberra institution you never knew existed: Sunrise Cafe

Over the years we’ve seen a large number of venues come and go. Others appear to be dyed-in-the-wool institutions who maintain inexplicable popularity no matter how classless or banal they may be. Then there are a sacred few who, through sheer passion, hard work and the dedication of a loyal customer base, survive without many Canberrans even knowing of their existence.

It is in the spirit of this final category we’d like to introduce you to The Sunrise Cafe, the oldest friend you never knew you had.

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Beach Burrito in City Walk

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Because it was a Tuesday I decided to check out the usually crowded Beach Burrito Mexican restaurant on City Walk. On Tuesday’s they offer a very reasonably priced lunch special ($5 Sol beer and $3 tacos) so I ordered a beer and three tacos.

sol beer

The 3 tacos were OK (a bit soft and soggy but tasted very fresh and healthy) but there are cheaper & tastier options around Canberra for Mexican fare.

beach buritto

If you want to try a variety of Mexican the regular Sunday Bus Depot markets taco stand make great Chimichanga, and there are a couple of new places in and around the Canberra Centre. Honkey Tonks and a few of the bars around also do cheap Mexican-style bar food. This particular meal just scored 1 #Canberra Beanie but there are more attractive options on the menu if you would like to pay a little ore than our usual $15 target.

V Spot Cafe

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To prove I’m not a total carnivore, I recently enjoyed a “Zoodle” for lunch (Zucchini noodle) at the new V Spot Cafe in Garema Place Civic.


The V-Spot Zoodle meal included a cashew/tomato sauce, iced tea and apple bread all for $15.60. The owner was happy to explain how healthy the meal was and provided very nice service and bio-cutlery!

v spot table

I have to admit the food tasted fine and did make me feel healthy, but I still wanted more. So if you want to slim down, eat healthier and feel better about yourself and your environment, this is the place for you! 1 #Canberra Beanie.