Meet a #Canberra Foodie

All about Dr Gary Lum, well sort of

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All about me, well sort of. is a great summary of a guy who is becoming one of my favourite bloggers to follow in Canberra. Dr Lum has a can-do attitude and the charts to prove he’s making progress. His cooking and food reviews are straight-up honest and fun to read. I hope he keeps blogging for a long time! 🙂

and yes, I will track him down and invite him to share a meal at his favourite affordable food joint in Canberra very soon!

Meet a #Canberra foodie – James Tew (@TweetCanberra)

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If you just read my previous re-post from James Tew’s blog you will know that as well as being a social media gun he’s an unfulfilled foodie! (which gives me an idea for another post – “what is a foodie?” – stay tuned for that one). James has recently burst onto the #CBR twitter scene after being sent to Canberra by the Navy from Perth. And Perth’s loss is our gain. Last Sunday I had the pleasure of enjoying a great brunch with him and his lovely family (wife Christine and three delightful daughters) at the Ha Ha Bar in Belconnen, where Christine works. We had a lot to talk about.


Who are you James? Well where do I start? I’m a Dad to three daughters, a husband to a function manager, an Australian Defence Force Officer, an online content manager at Tweet Canberra, social media coach, blogger, university student and an amateur bbq’er. I love social media, I love how I can connect to anyone and everyone at the same time. I specialise in Twitter and blogging and have been known to run a few workshops on those topics here in Canberra. I started Tweet Canberra on the 18th of Jan 2014 and I’ve taken it close to 1,000 followers (as of the beginning of March). It’s going from strength to strength but the general idea is that it connects the Canberra community on Twitter. I’ve seen a lot of support for Tweet Canberra, it’s solved lots of problems for people and has created a lot of value in this short period of time.

Age? 25 (26 next week)

Where do you live? Dunlop, Canberra.

How long have you been blogging? 2 years. My primary blog ( is coming up on 1 year but my personal blog ( where I talk about social media is going on two years. It’s under going some re-development at the moment, to make it mobile friendly and content rich.

Other hobbies? I’ve got three kids, they are fair non existent. I like reading, golf and barbecuing

Apple or Android? Real men have android. I was a Apple fan boy for many year, I still use a MacBook Pro but my Samsung Galaxy Note 3 runs my busy life.

Car/Bus/Bike? My bike has a flat tire and I haven’t fixed it so car. Plus I can’t put three girls on the handlebars.

Favourite TV show? At the moment I have a couple: Last man Standing (I see myself as Tim Allen in 20 years), House of Cards, Arrow, The Crazy ones, The Tomorrow People and I’ve just started watching Q and A

Favourite Device? My new MacBook Pro and Samsung Galaxy Note 3

Can we take a peek at your home screen? I like to keep it clean and minimal.

james screen shot sml

Most used app? Hootsuite followed closely by Gmail

Favourite Social Media? Twitter hands down. They don’t use an algorithm to tell me what I like to see (cough Facebook cough)

What’s the first thing online you check each morning? I open three tabs in chrome (they stay open all day) Gmail, Calendar and Hootsuite.

What do you worry about at night? I wonder what ungodly time my kids will wake up tomorrow…

Most exciting recent news? The Rum Bar is doing buy 1 get 1 free drinks for Tweet Canberra followers

Ideal Career? Social Media adviser/social media coach/blogger/public speaker/stay at home dad so I can all of them whilst spending more time with my girls.

Recent Book you recommend? The war of Art by Steven Pressfield

Recent online video you laughed at? Robin Williams is the star of the Crazy ones and in episode 7 of season one he takes on an advertising account for Australian Tourism. Needless to say he gets frustrated and does this

Favourite Food? I am a sucker for tapas but I love slow roast meat on a webber!

James is a great guy to follow if you want to keep up to date with news and happenings in Canberra. @TweetCanberra or if you want to share some daddy blogging or ideas @James_Tew. His blog is very impressive for a blogging newbie like me (it has all the bells and whistles I aspire to understand and utilise)

Meet a #Canberra foodie: Richard @richardtuffin

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Our latest foodie interview is with Richard from . Richard is well known amongst #Canberra tweeps as he has been a regular organiser of #cbrtweetup over recent years. I think I first met Richard at a nearby winery where he dazzled us with his knowledge of Australian wine and appreciation of good cuisine and local wineries. Richard’s passion for Canberra (and photography that promotes our beautiful city) has led to him being a regular in local media with recent forays in the Canberra Times and on ABC 666 radio. He’s a long-time Canberran who loves this city and loves promoting it on a daily basis. He’s also a passionate AFL fan, following his beloved Carlton Blues. Richard is a proud progressive who wears his political heart on his sleeve. And it’s a big heart! I joined Richard for brunch at his favourite local eatery, Tilley’s in Lyneham.

Who are you Richard?  I’m a father who enjoys everything Canberra has to offer. I love photography and recently started doing it professionally. I’m also experienced in Social Media and website constuction (WordPress, Drupl, Dreamweaver). If you like to hire a photographer for your function (corporate, family, weddings, etc.) you can contact me and check out my photos through my Google plus page.

Richard T

A recent photo of Richard Tuffin with one of his smaller lenses outside of Tilley’s in Lyneham, Canberra.

Age 46

Where do you live? Tuggeranong.

How long have you been blogging? About two years.

Other hobbies?  Photography, supporting AFL, parenting

Apple or Android?  Always Android. Samsung all the way!

Car/bus/bike?  Still car but I did aquire a mountain bike recently so I need to give that more love in the near future

Favourite TV show?  I enjoy watching footy, #qanda and The Project

Favourite devices?  Only ones that are for good (ie. Android).

Can we take a peek at your home screen?  Richard asked “which one?” lols, then he said “Try this one”.


Most-used app? Twitter.

Favourite social media?  See above!

What’s the first thing online you check each morning? .

What do you worry about at night?  The Coalition front bench…

Most exciting recent news? That you would be shouting me a free brunch at Tilleys!

Ideal career? Photo journalist.

Recent book you recommend? Don’t hold this against me but I’m gonna say the Bible!

Recent online video you laughed at?  The new Speaker Bronwyn Bishop in Question Time. <Ed: I swear that was his answer>

Favourite food? 🙂 right now? free brunch at Tilleys! Also all the great cakes at @CBRCakeClub.

You can see some of the great photos which Richard took at the February Canberra Cake Club here.

Richard’s photography website can be found here: and you can follow him on Twitter @richardtuffin

Meet a #Canberra foodie: Tara @In_The_Taratory

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Our latest blogger interview is with Tara from “In The Taratory”. Tara recently featured in a profile piece on the “Her Canberra” website, showcasing her talent as an advocate for Canberra and all the amazing experiences and activities in our home town. Tara is also a community activist, regularly using social media to provide direct feedback to everyone from our local politicians to supermarket chains. I’m glad Tara suggested we have lunch at the Flute Bakery in Fyshwick. The $5 beef curry pies are very tasty and I will definitely be back for more.

Who are you Tara? I grew up all over Queensland, went to uni in Brisbane, and then moved to Canberra as a grad in 2008. I started the blog because I knew there was a helluva lot going on in Canberra and I wanted to make sure people knew about it and could be inspired to try things for themselves – whether it’s discovering just how amazing the walk up Booroomba Rocks is or getting ideas for a dinner out on Friday night.


Here’s a recent photo of Tara enjoying some grape-stomping at Yarrh Wineries, just north of Canberra.

Age 27

Where do you live? Belconnen. I never really feel like Canberra was ‘home’ until I moved to Belco.

How long have you been blogging? About two and a half years.

Other hobbies? Bushwalking, Belconnen Community Council (Deputy Chair), Radio 1RPH (a radio station where volunteers read books and newspapers on air for people with a print handicap), Tournament of Minds judging, trivia…

Apple or Android? Android… I’m not an Apple fan! What Apple did for the market was phenomenal but I think it’s been overtaken now. I love how customisable Android is and always has been.

Car/bus/bike? When I’m on a bike something happens and I lose all road sense… so I don’t ride much to save others from me! I do love getting around in a car but I’ve started taking the bus more. Boyfriend also has a scooter – it’s my favourite transport for short trips. Outside Canberra I’m a big fan of the train – it works so well in so many cities and countries.

Favourite TV show? Borgen and House of Cards – the former for the humanity, and the latter for the inhumanity!

Favourite devices? Canon DSLR and Samsung Galaxy S3.

Can we take a peek at your home screen?

tara screen

Most-used app? Twitter, WordPress, Facebook, Reddit is Fun.

Favourite social media? Twitter and Reddit (if you can call Reddit social media).

What’s the first thing online you check each morning? Twitter! If there’s breaking news then it will be on Twitter. If there’s a really big story I’ll then head to Reddit – especially if it’s international.

What do you worry about at night? That I’m not going to bed early enough!

Most exciting recent news? The Belconnen Town Centre Master Plan is being updated. It’s a great opportunity for community participation in a detailed plan of the town’s future.

Ideal career? Good question! My two passions are my job and Canberra, and I’m lucky to be able to squeeze in both. I love promoting and advocating for Canberra and Canberrans so, short of being an MLA, I’m probably in my ideal career(s) 🙂

Recent book you recommend? For an easy but intelligent read I love Australian author Liane Moriarty, and her latest The Husband’s Secret is excellent. I’m currently reading Autoportrait by Edouard Leve. It’s short but each line needs to be savoured so it’s taking me a while! There’s an extract in the Paris Review here.

Recent online video you laughed at? The Long Story Short series on YouTube is clever and funny. I love this episode in particular.

Favourite food? This is going to sound daggy but it’s–hands down–soft boiled eggs with toast (cut into triangles, not soldiers. Soldiers means the structural integrity of the toast is lost!). It’s so simple but quick and tasty, and it’s especially good with free-range eggs, good multigrain bread and Pepe Saya butter.

Tara’s blog is In the Taratory and you can follow her on Twitter @In_The_Taratory

Meet a #Canberra Foodie: Trish (@eatshootblog)

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This is my third interview with some of Canberra’s better known foodies and bloggers, inviting them to share information about themselves so we can learn more about what makes them tick and why they are such cool people.

My third interview is with the Trish (@eatshootblog), who has been an active member of Canberra’s constantly evolving online community for several years (I first noticed her great snippets of advice about food, photography and parenting in Canberra on Twitter in 2010).

Trish is between blogs because she’s about to launch a Kickstarter campaign and all her creative energies are going straight into that at the moment!


Who are you Trish?  I was born, raised, educated, married and became a mother in Canberra.  I started writing online as a contributor to parenting forums when my kids were babies, and in 2004 organised my thoughts and opinions into a blog.  That blog evolved and endured for almost ten years though I recently stopped blogging to focus on writing a novel and right now I’m getting ready to launch my own company. I tweet about anything and everything and post lots of pictures of food on Instagram (both as @eatshootblog).  I am a very proud Canberra resident but since we turned 100 and we’re all grown up, I have vowed not to engage in any more debates with Canberra-bashers.  Rather, I say a short prayer of thanks that they don’t live here. My favourite place to go in Canberra for an affordable, tasty meal is The Duxton for Thursday night Burger + Beer $15. It’s my local, so I’m a bit of a fan.

<For those that want to check it out some of the regular specials at The Duxton, check this out.>

Age?  42 and a half.

Where do you live?  O’Connor

How long have you been blogging?  About ten years

Other hobbies? Cooking, writing, photography, travel.

Apple or Android?  Apple

Car/bus/bike?  Bike, car, foot.

Favourite TV show? ‘Australian Story’

Favourite devices?  The remote control for my garage door.

Can we take a peek at your home screen? I am currently homescreenless J

Most-used app?  Instagram

Favourite social media?  Toss up between Instagram and Pinterest.

What’s the first thing online you check each morning?  My email.

What do you worry about at night?  I usually go to bed worrying about how tired I’m going to be in the morning on account of going to bed so late.

Most exciting recent news?  I can’t say, but it’s got something to do with my new company and the product I’m launching.

Ideal career?  Working for myself.

Recent book you recommend?  I’ve been reading a lot of very dry books about business and marketing and crowdsourcing. The last novel I read was Elizabeth Gilbert’s ‘The Signature of all Things’ and I really enjoyed it.

Recent online video you laughed at? The goats –

Favourite food?  Fish Tacos.

Follow Trish on Twitter @eatshootblog

Meet a #Canberra Foodie: Rachi Perera (@rachiperera)

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This is my second interview with some of Canberra’s better known foodies and bloggers, inviting them to join me for lunch at their favourite affordable (i.e. very cheap and tasty) eatery/van/café/restaurant/kitchen/etc. I wasn’t sure if anyone has done this sort of thing before with the local foodies? If anyone has links to such interviews please pass them on. My second interview was with the vivacious Rachi Perara, who blogs at and I’m hoping to ask each interviewee the same twenty questions that follow. I had the pleasure of Rachi’s company at her favourite southside “cheap eat’ in Kingston: Canberra’s famous Brodburger, located at the Canberra Glassworks.


Who are you?  I’m someone whose life revolves around food. I call myself a “self confessed bon vivant” on my blog because I do tend to like the finer things in life, specially when it comes to food and wine. My blog is a lifestyle blog so it’s not just about food although that makes up the bulk of it. I write about restaurant reviews, about food/wine events in Canberra, about my travels, books, interior design, fashion and just general happenings in my life.

How old are you?  31

Where do you live?  Narrabundah

How long have you been blogging?  About 18 months

Other hobbies?  Travelling, gym, Bikram yoga, Cake Club, reading, watching cricket

Apple or Android?  Definitely Apple. I’m a bit of an Apple tragic (iphone, ipad, Macbook Air)

Car/bus/bike?  Car! I haven’t caught a bus in over 10 years. I keep thinking I need to get myself a bike though. I feel like I can’t call myself a proper Canberran until I own a bike!

Favourite TV show?  It was Breaking Bad. Now it’s a toss up between Downton Abbey and Homeland.

Favourite device?  My Canon DSLR with 50mm lens. I’m that annoying person who pulls out the DSLR to photograph every meal and event (even non-events sometimes).

Can we take a peak at your home screen?

rachi screen

Most used app?  Twitter followed by Calender. I have the worst memory and would forget to eat breakfast if I didn’t put it in my diary (ok, slight exaggeration but you get the idea)

Favourite social media?  Twitter

What’s the first thing online you check each morning?  It goes in this order: email, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, weather. All before getting out of bed!

What do you worry about at night?  If I have a busy day coming up it’s probably something work related. Otherwise it’s probably something food related; not so much worry but as to think/plan where to eat on the weekend etc.

Most exciting recent news?  I got my first food related article published in Canberra Times Food & Wine section last week which was very exciting. There will be another piece coming up very soon. I’ve also just started planning a holiday to New York in June/July which I’m ridiculously excited about… the food, the shopping, the food!

Ideal career?  A food writer/restaurant reviewer

Recent book you recommend?  Hidden Kitchens of Sri Lanka by Bree Hutchins. It’s a beautiful cookbook/coffee table book.

Recent online video you laughed at?  This popped up on Facebook as I was answering these questions. Made me LOL

Favourite Food?  My mum’s Sri Lankan food: chicken biryani, chicken curry and eggplant Moju to be specific. This blog post should give you an idea on what my mum’s food looks like: all kinds delicious!


Twitter: @rachiperera        Instagram:@rachiperera    Facebook:

Meet a #Canberra Foodie: Giulia Porro (@loveateverybite)

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After recently starting this blog and exploring new ideas for content, I boldly began approaching some of Canberra’s better known foodies and bloggers and inviting them to join me for lunch at their favourite affordable (i.e. very cheap and tasty) eatery/van/café/restaurant/kitchen/etc. I wasn’t sure if anyone has done this sort of thing before with the local foodies? If anyone has links to such interviews please pass them on. My first interview was with the lovely Giulia Porro, and I’m hoping to ask each interviewee the same twenty questions that follow. I had the pleasure of Giulia’s company at her favourite “cheap eat’ in Civic: Guzman Y Gomez (which is on Bunda Street façade of the Canberra Centre just up the road from Dobinson’s Bakery café).


Who are you Giulia?  I’m a food lover, a wine lover, a travel lover. I’m the author of the food blog ‘Love at Every Bite’. I do not consider myself any kind of expert in the kitchen, just a sucker for anything containing vanilla and with the word pizza in it. Having left Europe to return to my home country Australia, my nostalgia is easily overcome – by cooking (and of course eating). Love at Every Bite is a collection of everyday recipes, food that can be cooked easily with ingredients that will most likely feature in your pantry and will not cost you a fortune. I grew up travelling through different countries, so I like to think what I cook is inspired by all sorts of tastes, smells, colours and sounds!

Check out her blog

How old are you? 23

Where do you live? Turner

How long have you been blogging?About five years, with WordPress for the past two years. <Why WordPress?> I find it more customisable. It’s a bit harder to learn at first but there are lots of online training resources.

Other hobbies? Canberra Cake Club, cooking, gym junkie, bookworm, travelling. My boyfriend is a happy distraction as well and he’s always a willing guinea pig for my new recipes.

Apple or Android? Apple, I’ve never had an android phone.

Car/bus/bike? I’m lucky enough to be able to walk to work so I mostly walk and cycle.

Favourite TV show? Breaking Bad

Favourite devices? My Pink ‘Kitchen Aid”, a mixer which is an essential tool for my baking.

Can we take a peek at your home screen?


Most-used app? Instagram <find her on Instagram at ‘loveateverybite’>

Favourite social media? Instagram

What’s the first thing online you check each morning? I check for messages from Italy <different time zone> and check what the weather is (usually before I open my blinds 🙂

What do you worry about at night? Our breakfast! I usually cook breakfast.

Most exciting recent news? I bought a house!

Ideal career? I’m very happy where I work but if I were to dream I would like to open a Pizzeria one day.

Recent book you recommend? The Dead Cat Bounce, a murder mystery set in Canberra.

Recent online video you laughed at? The video of Steven Bradbury winning the gold medal in speed skating. < I think she means this one…>

Favourite food? Cheese! I recommend the cheese rooms at Ainslie IGA and Essential Ingredient in Kingston.

You can learn more about Giulia, her recipes and her interests by following her @loveateverybite.