Meet a #Canberra Foodie: Giulia Porro (@loveateverybite)

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After recently starting this blog and exploring new ideas for content, I boldly began approaching some of Canberra’s better known foodies and bloggers and inviting them to join me for lunch at their favourite affordable (i.e. very cheap and tasty) eatery/van/café/restaurant/kitchen/etc. I wasn’t sure if anyone has done this sort of thing before with the local foodies? If anyone has links to such interviews please pass them on. My first interview was with the lovely Giulia Porro, and I’m hoping to ask each interviewee the same twenty questions that follow. I had the pleasure of Giulia’s company at her favourite “cheap eat’ in Civic: Guzman Y Gomez (which is on Bunda Street façade of the Canberra Centre just up the road from Dobinson’s Bakery café).


Who are you Giulia?  I’m a food lover, a wine lover, a travel lover. I’m the author of the food blog ‘Love at Every Bite’. I do not consider myself any kind of expert in the kitchen, just a sucker for anything containing vanilla and with the word pizza in it. Having left Europe to return to my home country Australia, my nostalgia is easily overcome – by cooking (and of course eating). Love at Every Bite is a collection of everyday recipes, food that can be cooked easily with ingredients that will most likely feature in your pantry and will not cost you a fortune. I grew up travelling through different countries, so I like to think what I cook is inspired by all sorts of tastes, smells, colours and sounds!

Check out her blog

How old are you? 23

Where do you live? Turner

How long have you been blogging?About five years, with WordPress for the past two years. <Why WordPress?> I find it more customisable. It’s a bit harder to learn at first but there are lots of online training resources.

Other hobbies? Canberra Cake Club, cooking, gym junkie, bookworm, travelling. My boyfriend is a happy distraction as well and he’s always a willing guinea pig for my new recipes.

Apple or Android? Apple, I’ve never had an android phone.

Car/bus/bike? I’m lucky enough to be able to walk to work so I mostly walk and cycle.

Favourite TV show? Breaking Bad

Favourite devices? My Pink ‘Kitchen Aid”, a mixer which is an essential tool for my baking.

Can we take a peek at your home screen?


Most-used app? Instagram <find her on Instagram at ‘loveateverybite’>

Favourite social media? Instagram

What’s the first thing online you check each morning? I check for messages from Italy <different time zone> and check what the weather is (usually before I open my blinds 🙂

What do you worry about at night? Our breakfast! I usually cook breakfast.

Most exciting recent news? I bought a house!

Ideal career? I’m very happy where I work but if I were to dream I would like to open a Pizzeria one day.

Recent book you recommend? The Dead Cat Bounce, a murder mystery set in Canberra.

Recent online video you laughed at? The video of Steven Bradbury winning the gold medal in speed skating. < I think she means this one…>

Favourite food? Cheese! I recommend the cheese rooms at Ainslie IGA and Essential Ingredient in Kingston.

You can learn more about Giulia, her recipes and her interests by following her @loveateverybite.

2 thoughts on “Meet a #Canberra Foodie: Giulia Porro (@loveateverybite)

    Giulia Porro (@loveateverybite) said:
    February 20, 2014 at 8:04 am

    thanks for interviewing me! was great to chat!!!

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