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As we approach the first ever Canberra BBQ Festival in early December I’m becoming more intrigued by different styles and techniques from around the world. Here is one from South America via British Columbia!


Netflix gets a bad rap for being a place to travel when uninspired. In our lives, at least, it seems if we are at home around meal-time and without prior arrangements or motivation to do something ‘productive’ (ie. reading, board games, phone calls with loved ones/friends, etc.) our default is to throw on Netflix and join the legions of screen-gazing zombies. I find it ironic then, that we’ve been really inspired by Netlix lately (as opposed to typically uninspired)! Specifically by a series called Chef’s Table. If you’ve seen it before you’ll know already that each episode features a world-renowned chef, inside and outside the kitchen. The minds of these chefs are incredible, mixing art and science with the goal of exploding tastebuds (like this clip from the Simpsons)! One episode that really resonated with me was a feature on Argentinian chef, Francis Mallmann.

_D9A9263_StaySlider Source: http://www.vinesresortandspa.com/wine-dine/siete-fuegos-restaurant/

This guy is great (notwithstanding some…

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