Dream Cuisine Patisserie, Fyshwick

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I dropped into Dream Cuisine today for a sausage roll and chocolate croissant – both delicious. I’ll come back and write a more detailed post but in the meantime here’s some delightful words and pictures from the lilyandaoukeatfood blog about Dream Cuisine in Fyshwick!

Lily & Ouk Eat Food


I love Canberra, its got great food, lovely people, everything and anything is only a 20min drive away, there is no peak hour and the airs cleaner. Outside of the cold, the only thing I miss about Sydney is the cakes, sweets and pastry shops (and family of course!).

At least once I week, I’m sitting at home craving pretty looking pastries and sadly I don’t know many places in Canberra that do good sweets and! Most importantly are open on weekends or open outside of work hours (I’m talking about you Flute Bakery, why do I have to be sick to have delicious baked goods?!) I mean Canberra does have good baked goods e.g. Autolyse, Silo, Cornucopia and etc but I want a place where patisseries come first, all that savoury stuff can come later. I’ve been to Ricardo’s and its nice, sadly I don’t want to just have one place…

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