Chomolungma Nepali Cuisine, Manuka, absolutely delicious

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Michele Walton from the FineEating blog tries out the new Nepalise Place in Manuka! Thanks for sharing Michele, it looks great and will have to try it soon!

Fine Eating

The test of a good nepalese restaurant is it’s momos and Chomolungma has the best momos I’ve tasted outside of Kathmandu. They come with a delicious tomato and sesame chutney and a tasty clear soup.

Recently opened Chomolungma in Manuka, fills the spot left by the Himalayan Restaurant in Palmerston Lane.


Chomolungma’s menu is short and focuses on a thali style meal with variations. But boy is it good.The Nepali spiced gravy is absolutley delicious and the dahl smoky and flavoursome. The sides include a crunchy vegetable mixture that provides a great texture contrast and a dahl that is smoky and flavoursome.

The roti $3 is an essential addition.

The service is very friendly, warm, welcoming and efficient.

Three people could share 1 serve of momos, two main thali meals and two roti.

It is the type of meal that is memorable and makes you look forward to going back to…

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