Timeless Country Dining at Red Brick Espresso

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Amanda shares a yarn about the fine coffee and food at Red Brick Espresso in Curtin! A must visit place if you’re in or near the suburb. Have to slightly disagree with her on the staff though – I’ve found them friendly, helpful and responsive to personal charm 🙂

The Cinnamon Scrolls

Rustic Country Dining at Red Brick Espresso | thecinnamonscrolls.com | @cinnamonscribe

My boyfriend and his father are coffee snobs. It’s just a fact. Whereas I’m perfectly content with my Tim Horton’s double milk, thankyouverymuch, they’re into “long blacks,” “pour overs,” and “single origins.” Before I moved to Australia, I had no idea what those words even meant. (I’m still unsure of what makes a good pour over.) But I do have to admit that Australia does produce some mighty fine coffee. Most of the really excellent coffee is roasted in Melbourne, but luckily enough we also have some decent roasters in Canberra. One of these is Red Brick Espresso in the suburb of Curtin.

The three of us discovered the café on a whim. We were dining out at a Braddon restaurant when we noticed that they served a brand of coffee we had never heard of before. That wasn’t going to fly. The following week we sought out Red Brick for…

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