Burgers , cokes, fries and Tunes – The London Burger and Beers, Tuggeranong – A Review

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Now that I’m on a diet I have to enjoy burgers vicariously through other bloggers (like The Food Marshall), at least for a few weeks 🙂

The Food and Wine Marshall


After watching Tweenie train in the rain for her netty, I decided she needed a treat. A Cheeseburger and fries kinda treat. A work colleague had mentioned the other day that she’d had dinner with her hubby at The London Burgers and Beers joint in Tuggeranong. I didn’t even know it existed! I still thought it was that awful La Porchetta place. Whilst waiting for training to finish, I sat warm and snug in my car on my iPad and looked up the London and read the reviews. Not so good. Oh well, we’ll still give them a shot. And I felt like a proper hamburger, so The London it was.

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