Here’s some info for Vegans

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Although I’m happy to eat vegetarian and vegan food most of the time (there are a lot of awesome Lebanese, Indian and Vietnamese dishes I love in this category for starters) I am basically an omnivore. However that doesn’t stop people asking me for tips and lists of Veggie options for themselves or their friends visiting Canberra.

I’ve always said there’s no point re-inventing the wheel and will happily point to existing resources to save my own time and effort.

Here is the best list I have recently found of Vegan (and vegetarian) eating options in Canberra. Enjoy:

There is also a Canberra-based food blog called Vegetarannean run by the awesome Charlotte Harper and it’s on twitter as well @Vegeterranean.

<Updated May 2014> Also my friend Sonja has a blog with useful info about vegan meals in the parliamentary triangle here: Sonja can be followed on twitter as well @SonjaBarfoed .

<updated July 2014> I also just found a very good online list of Vegan joints in Canberra here:

Meet a #Canberra Foodie – Carmen (@Honey_Delight)

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Many Canberrans will recognise Carmen from her family’s “Honey Delight” stall at our local Farmers Markets and shows. I first met Carmen a few years ago online as she is a prolific social media user who spreads the good news about bees in and around Canberra with passion! I recently met her in real life when I ambitiously volunteered to host an urban hive in our family backyard. Sadly for various reasons, including dogs, cats, too many small children and my desire to re-arrange and re-design our whole backyard and gardens meant I went back to the bottom of the waiting list for new hives. Bees need a little bit of private space and some relative peace, both of which are in short supply in our household!

Carmen recently agreed to be the subject of another regular Canberra Foodie interview and I hope to join her soon for a breakfast during her never-ending quest to find Canberra’s best Eggs Benedict, and she has found some very impressive samples already!


A photo of Carmen standing proudly in front of her award-winning honey at the Sydney Royal Easter Show.

So Carmen, who are you? I am a third generation beekeeper. I grew up in a large commercial beekeeping family in northern NSW – the Walker Family. At times we were the largest beekeeping family in Australia and during our most productive years we employed up to 10 men.

My family has exported bees and honey to a number of countries including, Japan, Germany, the United Kingdom and the middle east. We practice a natural beekeeping method and while we have met the criteria for organic produce for over a decade it is only recently that the family as a whole has agreed to commence the organic certification process.

We sell our family produce under the label of Honey Delight at Capital Region Farmers Market. It is an excellent, raw, untreated honey and recently won 3 gold medals and champion commercial exhibitor in the National Honey Show at The Royal Easter Show, Sydney.

I moved to Canberra 20 years ago (mainly due to lack of opportunity in the small country town where I grew up). I’ve continued to spend large periods of time in the country and now consider myself a rural-urban hybrid. I keep my own bees and the majority of my equipment belonged to my grandfather.

My family and I started Canberra Urban Honey in 2012 as a response to the many requests we were getting to help people pollinate their backyard fruit and vegetables. The project began as a community project that my family and I managed on a volunteer basis. We financed the project using donations from our extended family and also raised a small amount of money using crowd funding. Our project used Pozible to raise $2,000 and was the first Australian agricultural project to use crowd funding.

The immense community support for our project and the demand for bees as pollinators in the city meant the project had to evolve in order to remain viable into the future.  In 2014 we changed Canberra Urban Honey to a not-for-profit venture and it now employs my son Mitchell as a trainee beekeeper.  Our Canberra bees struggled in the drought but our tender loving care meant our bees produced excess honey during the 2013 spring and summer.  We finally had our first significant honey harvest at the end the summer of 2014.

Canberra Urban Honey has subsequently been recognised for significant urban agricultural excellence and won Champion at Canberra Show.  Canberra Urban Honey is the first urban honey to be awarded a medal at the National Honey Show at the Royal Easter Show.  We are incredibly proud of the Canberra community for making this all possible and we hope they feel part of the significant recognition Canberra Urban Honey has achieved over the past two years.

Age? Ha ! – not disclosed!

Where do you live? Gungahlin

How long have you been blogging? 3 years

Other hobbies? Gardening

Apple or Android? Apple

Car/bus/bike? Car

Favourite TV show? I have three – Walking Dead, Vikings and Downton Abbey
(I have been heavily influenced by my teenage children)

Favourite devices? My phone camera and Gopro

Can we take a peek at your home screen?

carmen screen shot

Most-used app? Twitter

Favourite social media? Twitter

What’s the first thing online you check each morning? Twitter

What do you worry about at night? Mostly nothing but otherwise – bees and the weather

Most exciting recent news? Medals at The National Honey Show for Honey Delight and Canberra Urban Honey

<And here is the photo to prove it!>

honey champ

Ideal career? Beekeeper

Recent book you recommend? MaddAddam by Margaret Atwood – look for me in the acknowledgements.

Recent online video you laughed at? didn’t get one so I’ve taken a bit of licence here and added an interesting bee clip… is that ok Carmen?

Favourite food? Honeycomb with brie and crackers – I have it every day !

To learn more about Carmen’s amazing award-winning work with bees go to her website: Honey Delight

You can follow Carmen on Twitter here: @Honey_Delight and her son Mitch here: @UrbanApiarist

Carmen and Mitch have also done plenty of interesting media about their adventures with bees, like this recent story on ABC Rural: Australia’s youngest urban commercial beekeeper

bee suits

The Politics of Food

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The Politics of Food

@CBRFoodie got a special mention in a recent @canberratimes Food & Wine Supplement! thanks to the lovely editor @NatashaRudraCT … and thanks to @rachiperera for spotting it and posting it on twitter 🙂

Meet a #Canberra Foodie: Liz Posmyk (@bizzylizzycooks )

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Liz with her library of cookery books

Liz Posmyk, standing proudly in front of her extensive library of cooking and food books.

No one who is interested in food and social media in the Canberra region could say they haven’t been in touch with Liz Posmyk, either through her famous blog Twitter, Facebook, mainstream media, food event or other channel. Liz has been a prolific poster of “Canberra Foodie” news for many years. When our local journal of record The Canberra Times (which has 74 staff on twitter, I think, here’s my latest list: was looking for local cooks who also blogged they turned to Liz, who promptly gave them the names and details of capable cooks/bloggers to interview

Let me begin by stating I love Liz’s blog ( . When I started blogging three short months ago I thought “if I do this for ten years I’d be happy to be as half as good as Liz” in terms of content, credibility and sheer aesthetics. If I had more time for food photography I would simply try and copy her best shots. I was surprised to learn recently that she isn’t a Canon or Nikon aficionado (like most professional photographers) but happily snaps away with a Olympus OM-D EM5 (Eileen (@TheFoodAvenue) also uses an Olympus camera for her great photos).

My favourite Bizzy Lizzy posts include: “Canberra Show Postcards and Morsels” and and numerous local festivals and winery celebrations such as this one:\ Liz also has a great synopsis of food and wine festivals across Australia here which of course also links to the great list of local festivals in the Canberra region via the Visit Canberra website here .

You can see from Liz’s blog that she understands how to communicate using great pictures and images (supporting the truism that a good picture is worth a thousand words). I also like the fact that Liz’s passionate advocacy for local food and produce extends beyond cuisine and conveys a deeper cultural experience. Perhaps subconsciously sometimes, she highlights the personal passion for food and culture that many Canberrans share and she herself is a great advocate for our sense of community and ability to share and care for each other.

So Liz, who are you? I’m an old school food writer based in Canberra and was part of the committee instrumental in the establishment of the ACT Writers Centre (no apostrophe).

From 1993-2002, I wrote a popular weekly cookery column in a Canberra newspaper. I earned the nickname ‘Bizzy Lizzy’ when I juggled the role of promotions manager of a 30-store produce market with co-ownership of a leading cooking school, and marketing a line of organic foods (I was headhunted for this role). Working my proverbial off, across a decade I managed a hugely successful program of events that welcomed some of the world’s leading cookery writers and celebrity chefs to Canberra. For four years I also featured as the voice behind The Ten Dollar Dinner on 666 ABC radio with James Valentine and Rod Quinn.

My career has included stints in both the Federal and ACT public service, most recently with DesignGov. In 2012, I received an Australia Day Achievement Award for leadership, innovation and service to the Australian Public Service Federal Department of Industry.

In 2013, I was selected as the winner of the Food Narrative Category of the Best Australian Food Blog Food Writing Competition 2013 run by the SA Writer’s Centre Inc/Food Bloggers Australia. Professor Barbara Santich was one of the esteemed judges, so this was quite an honour for me.

In January 2014, I retired from the APS to concentrate on Good Things, my online journal (or blog), which I founded in 2011. This new-found free time gives me the opportunity to cook to my heart’s content and share my favourite recipes and photographs. It also gives Peter and myself the opportunity to relax and rejuvenate after a lifetime of working hard; and also to travel and explore Australia and its food regions.

Age? 55 and loving it!

Where do you live? In Harrison with my life partner, Peter. I was born in Canberra and have lived here all of my life.

How long have you been blogging? Blogging since 2011, writing about food and cooking since 1993. Honestly, though, I’ve been a writer since early childhood and creative writing was my favourite subject from grade one in Infants School.

Other hobbies? Photography (love snapping macro shots of bees and flowers); cooking (obviously); travel; meeting like-minded people; reading; going to the cinema; gardening; swimming; walking; oh, and playing Call of Duty 2 (I’m a crack sniper, true!).

Apple or Android? Apple imac (27 inch) which is great for publishing.

Car/bus/bike?   Car to get from A to B, and bicycle for pleasure.

Favourite TV show? There isn’t one in particular, though I do enjoy a variety of documentaries on SBS and the ABC (including cooking and travel shows). I also love dramas produced by the BBC, such as Broadchurch and The Escape Artist (recently), as well as Dr Who, Grand Designs, etc.

Favourite devices? As in phone, plaything? My phone, for making phone calls.

Can we take a peek at your home screen? No, sorry, it’s way too cluttered     : ) … <wow, no one else has said no to any of my questions so far! 🙂 >

Most-used app? On my phone? The keypad for making phone calls : )

Favourite social media? Twitter (I enjoy the networking aspect of it and love connecting with people through food).

What’s the first thing online you check each morning? The IN box on my email account.

What do you worry about at night? That’s a very personal question. When I do worry, it’s about things I’d rather not discuss.

Most exciting recent news? An invitation to attend a MasterClass at Red Lantern with Luke Nguyen ahead of his new series Luke Nguyen’s France!

Ideal career? Full time food, cookery and travel writer and consultant. I’m currently living the dream. : D

Recent book you recommend? Wow, there are several, but how about Horrie the War Dog by Roland Perry (Allen & Unwin). It’s the story of Australia’s most famous dog. Oh, and The Dirty Chef by Matthew Evans, the gourmet farmer (Allen & Unwin); and Rick Stein’s memoir Under a Mackerel Sky (Ebury Press).

Recent online video you laughed at? A clip produced by The Checkout team on the ABC. They’re very clever, and so informative! here is one of the interesting and fun snippets from The Checkout  It’s not what I call hilarious, but it is interesting and humorous

Favourite food? I love a diverse range of foods, including Hungarian, Vietnamese, Chinese, Persian, Greek, Thai, modern Australian and Italian. Among those cuisines, there are lots of favourite dishes that I cook regularly.

If you want learn more about Liz Posmyk, one of Canberra’s very own Award Winning Food Writers

Follow her on Twitter: @bizzylizzycooks

Follow her blog:

She’s also on Linkedin:


Tash reviews King Fook, Florey

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Pretty soon every foodie (and wanna be) in Canberra will have heard of tash (who blogs as A Kitchen Cat). If you’re not sure who I’m talking about read this:

As well as the finer things in life, tash also appreciates a tasty bargain. Here’s her review last year of a hidden gem in Florey (and no, it’s not the biggest Dominos Pizza shop in Australia, which also happens to be in Florey!)

King Fook, Florey.

Tak Kee Roast Inn in Dickson

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(Three #Canberra Beanies) sml beanie sml beanie sml beanie

After weeks of prodding from fellow foodie and sympathetic fellow-dad Sir Bungle aka @ I finally dropped into Tak Kee Roast Inn in Dickson for some Gow Gee.

Tak Kee Roast Inn

Now those of you who have been paying attention to the ACT Department of Health notices  (or the Canberra times or RiotACT) over the past few years may remember a story regarding some health notices and warnings about food storage and preparation practices at Tak Kee in the past. I’m assured by my friend John, who eats there regularly, that he has never had anything to complain about and the fact the place is regularly packed with people at lunch and dinner leads me to believe they have learnt from their past mistakes and fines.

Anyhoo… I arrived a bit early and unlike my other recent lunchtime reviews, had a toddler in tow. So the challenge was to get some affordable food for both of us. I decided to take Sir Bungle’s advice and order a Gow Gee soup.

gow gee

My Gow Gee arrived very quickly and I realised I had failed to follow Mr Bungle’s strict advice and had mistakenly omitted the beef brisket form my order. Never mind, my Gow Gee sans beef brisket was very delicious, particularly on a wet autumn day. To feed the ankle-biter I also ordered a small combination fried rice, knowing she liked rice, ham, peas and egg, which I expected in the dish.

fried rice

It looked great and was bigger than expected. I tasted it (always check for temperature with kids and they don’t like things that are too spicey). It was delicious. I assumed she would love it and put it in front of her. But she tasted a spoonful and decided she didn’t like it. Bloody hell! This may have had something to do with the fact we were surrounded by people ordering all sorts of dishes and I suspect now (wisdom of hindsight) she thought she could be a bit pickey and choosey as well. Oh well, looks like dad was eating rice too!

I had another quick look at the menu, and asked her in my nicest voice “Bubba, would you like some spring rolls?! They are very yummy and you like eating spring rolls!” … which wasn’t as patronising as it sounds because I’ve seen her devour the things repeatedly. She nodded! I ordered a serving of two spring rolls.

By now Sir Bungle had arrived and (not surprisingly for a regular) seemed to make his order through osmosis. It went something like this: “G’day ladies!’ – “Hello Mr, how are you?” – “Good thanks, bit cold today. How are you?” – “We good Mr. You want usual?” – “Yes please! and I’ll have a couple of your pork spring rolls too”. Within a few minutes Sir Bungle had his regular fix.

beef brisket gow gee

Sadly for me, the arrival of yet another soup seemed to convince Ms 1.9 that she also needed soup. The spring rolls looked and tasted awesome and no matter how much I coaxed her they were instead enjoyed by dad and Sir Bungle.

spring rolls tak kee

Unsurprisingly, Ms 1.9 did end up eating a lot… of my soup. And those tea cups double as perfectly-sized noodle soup bowls for a toddler aspiring to be a food critic.

ms 1.9 noodle critic

My experience at Tak Kee was very good. I can see why Mr Bungle raves on about it and why so many people I know have been regulars for so many years. I think the episode with ACT inspectors is well and truly in the past and I’ll happily recommend it as a place to eat affordable and tasty authentic Chinese food.  I’ll give it 3 Beanies for value & taste.

Goes without saying, the prices for the Beef Brisket Gow Gee soup and other tasty dishes at Tak Kee are VERY good.

tak kee prices

Tak Kee Roast Inn on Urbanspoon


Noodle Cafe Garema Place

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(Three #Canberra Beanies)  sml beanie sml beanie sml beanie

I recently had the pleasure of joining another Canberra Foodie (Eileen, better known as @TheFoodAvenue) at her favourite inner-city affordable eatery – Noodle Café in Garema Place.

Noodle Café is located right next to HonkyTonks, so makes a convenient pre-party dinner venue as well as a great place to meet friends for a cheaper and satisfying lunch for as little as $10.

The $10 lunch specials are varied and the main menu has plenty of other affordable options as well.

noodle cafe specials menu

I chose to ask if I could have an authentic beef Pho that included tripe, a delicious dish I grew to love at authentic Vietnamese restaurants around Australia. The friendly waitress obliged, even though this dish wasn’t on their usual menu. It cost a few dollars more than the lunch special pho but was well worth it.

Pho Noodle Cafe

My lunch partner Eileen chose her favourite dish, a delicious combination chow mein with perfectly cooked noodles (the two beautiful photos below are hers). We also shared a couple of fresh and perfectly cooked vegetarian spring roles and a couple of tea pots of chinese green tea, all for the extremely reasonable price of $33. Considering the excellent table service (with complimentary prawn crackers) and the freshness and taste and large portions I was extremely impressed.

combination Chow mein vege spring rolls

The flavours of the food were amazing. If the food is not exactly to your liking, there is the usual plastic container of chilli and flavouring sauces that anyone who frequents authentic Asian restaurants would be familiar with.

sauce and chilli condiments basket

Noodle Café gets 3 #Canberra Beanies and joins our list of top ten affordable eateries in Canberra.

If you’re not sure where to find this place, have a look behind the big screen in Garema Place or next door to Honky Tonks. Or if you prefer Google maps, just look up 5 Garema Place.

noodle cafe behind the big screen

Noodle Cafe on Urbanspoon


Meet a #Canberra Foodie: Megan (@Girlhassparke)

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I recently had the pleasure of sharing a lunchtime meal with veteran of the Canberra blogging scene. A veteran you ask? Well, yes, she’s been blogging for over 5 years, that’s about 4 years and ten months longer than me, so I was hanging on her every word and looking for suggestions and sage blogging advice. Megan (better known as @Girlhassparke) recently impressed me with this cool and succinct post about a hidden little treasure in West Belconnen. I‘ll let you read it yourself and then visit it, and then think about how short our lives are in this amazing world, how lucky we are to live in Canberra, and how important it is to always try something new and take an unplanned peek around the corner, even in our own neighbourhoods and city.


Who are you Megan?  I am Megan a 26 year old living in Canberra, Australia. By day, I am a legal policy officer, who toes the work dress code in an effort to satisfy my love of bright colours and fun pieces. I have a coffee addiction that I have managed to restrain to one cup a day (occasionally two).

When I am not working for the man you can probably find me eating, travelling, being with my friends or family, sweating it out at the gym or comatosed in a ‘Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ marathon.

I have been blogging for four years at Time After Tea but decided that I wanted a fresh start with a blog that more accurately reflects my life, goals and dreams and where I am today thus the creation of ‘The Girl has Sparke’.

So why should you visit the ‘Girls got Sparke’? Because it is a normal girls story, and guide to getting the best out of life! For me that means making the most of the simple things but also setting my sights on the stars. This blog will talk about the little and the big and everything in between. Whether that is reviewing the cake store down the road, building a workable wardrobe, to planning overseas travel and investing money wisely.

I am on a mission to constantly strive for my goals, better myself one step at a time and share my passions with others. I also hope to learn and grow with people who read my blog and create an engaged community.

Age?  26

Where do you live? Scullin.

How long have you been blogging?  For five years, previously at  but more recently at .

Other hobbies?  Travel, reading, exploring, shopping. I enjoy following some other amazing blogs such as

Apple or Android  Apple.

Car/Bus/Bike?  Bus! <I’m guessing she’s looking forward to the free wifi on Action buses!>

Favourite TV show?  True Detective, Homeland, Real Housewives of New York.

Favourite Devices?  iPad, iPhone, Toshiba laptop.

Can we take a peek at your home screen?

Meegan screen shot

Most used app?  Afterlight (photo processing)

Favourite Social Media?  Instagram

What’s the first thing online you check each morning?  Twitter

What do you worry about at night?  If I’ve turned the gas off on the stove J

Most exciting recent newsPlanning a trip to Europe later this year!

Ideal Career?  Political Advisor

Recent Book you recommend?  The Snowchild by Eowyn Ivey

Recent online video you laughed at?

Favourite Food?  Mexican (her fave Mexican in Canberra is GYG)

You can learn more about Megan at

Megan is on twitter at, and her Instagram account is

Meet a #canberra Foodie: Dr Gary Lum (@garydlum)

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Dr Gary Lum is a well-known Canberra foodie to anyone on Twitter. As well as being an accomplished cook and social media practitioner, Gary is a great ambassador for our home town, despite the fact that his favourite NRL team are the Broncos …well, he was originally from Queensland! 🙂


I love Gary’s blog and it was great to read this page and learn more about him (the interview in the Canberra Times wasn’t satisfying enough!). I hope he always finds the time to keep up his prolific writing and cooking. I think he’s a great role model for any Canberra men who, who like me, want to improve themselves (physically and intellectually).

Who are you Gary?  I’m a Brisbane boy in love with Darwin and living in Canberra. I grew up in Brisbane and completed my medical and specialty training there. The first consultant job I had was running territory-wide pathology services in the NT based at the Royal Darwin Hospital. I was there from 1996 until 2007. During that time I learnt a lot about medical management and spent some time outside my comfort zone managing the Royal Darwin Hospital. It was in 2002 that I did a seven month stint and bang in the middle of it terrorists struck in Bali. Along with the entire team at the hospital we went about receiving, resuscitating and then relaying on burns patients around the country. You can read my take on it at In 2007 I took up a position as a branch head in Australian Government to continue my career in health emergency management.

My love affair with food was ordained when I was born into a Chinese family. On my Mum’s side we’re fifth generation Australian but the only non-Chinese part was an Irish great great grand mother. My mother is a fabulous cook and she’s also a domestic science teacher. She taught me and my younger brothers the basics and we’ve never looked back. My father is also a good cook so growing up I was surrounded by excellent role models for cooking. While living in Darwin my eating habits became quite poor and my exercise routine consisted of walking to my car. At my peak I reached 100 kg which for a 170 cm tall bloke is obese. After reading various books and thinking about what I wanted to achieve I elected to go down the low carbohydrate route. As a medical practitioner I’m aware of the controversy and the risks. For me though, it helped me shed nearly 30 kg in a few months and maintain a weight at about 75 kg for some years. It got me into a position where I could exercise twice a day and keep trim. When I arrived in Canberra I started putting on weight again and this year returned to the low carbohydrate way of living. I had peaked to 82 kg and didn’t want to buy new clothes. I’ve quickly shed 6 kg and feel a lot better.

Age?  I was born in 1965.

Where do you live?  I live in Belconnen near Lake Ginninderra.

How long have you been blogging?  I started the blog in August 2010 after exploring various social media platforms beginning that year. Having a blog seemed like a natural extension to being on twitter and tumblr.

Other hobbies?  My hobbies are cooking, eating and photographing food. I’ve always enjoyed photography and in my clinical career collected a large collection of clinical images from patients with severe wound infections.

Apple or Android?  Before smart phones I was a Diehard Windows PC man. I laughed at Mac users. In about 2008 though my experience with Windows had reached a nadir. How could Bill Gates let me down? I bought a MacBook and haven’t looked back. When smart phones became available I naturally bought an iPhone and then an iPad. For personal use I am exclusively Apple. I have no control what I use at work. That said, I love my work BlackBerry. It is simply the best tool for texting and writing e-mails on a handheld device. All that said, I have no criticism of android products. I’ve just never used them. The Apple products satisfy my needs.

Car/Bus/Bike?  I love cars. I love big heavy thick metal plated cars, I love V8 engines and I love engines with minimal exhaust baffling. I love modified engines. I grew up with fitters and turners and they modified the engines of their cars and we loved driving fast. I love driving fast and one of the greatest joys was living and working in the Northern Territory when the Stuart Highway was an open road and I could drive the 1000 km from Darwin to Tennant Creek in less than six hours. My favourite car was my 1978 CL Chysler Regal Le Baron with a 265 cubic inch hemi six which breathed through a Holley 350 twin twin barrel and ran extractors to twin down pipes. After that I owned several V8 Falcons including an XE Fairmont Ghia with a 351 cubic inch Cleveland V8. I now drive a VW diesel because fuel costs so much money but I still dream of a big V8 in front of me with power to the rear wheels. I’ve never caught a bus in Canberra but I do own a bicycle. It’s gathering cobwebs at the moment.

Favourite TV show?  I love everything Star Trek. The premise of Gene Roddenberry to have a better more ethical life exploring the universe really appeals to me. I fantasise about being the captain of a starship. Apart from Star Trek I enjoy The Big Bang Theory, Top Gear, Master Chef, My Kitchen Rules and the Great Australian Bake Off.

Favourite Device?  I have an iPhone 5, an iPad 3, a MacBook Pro and an iMac. I wear a fitbit everywhere and share my stats daily to twitter and Facebook. For food photography I use a Nikon D90 at home and when I’m out a Canon PowerShot G16 because it has a nice f2 aperture and shoots in RAW. I’ve fallen for Adobe Lightroom for post processing.

Can we take a peek at your home screen? 

garys screenshot

Most used app?  Twitter and Instagram are the most used apps.

Favourite Social Media?  I’m addicted to Twitter and use three accounts, viz., @garydlum, @Yummy_Lummy and @DrGaryLum

What’s the first thing online you check each morning?  My work e-mail, then personal e-mail, then WordPress, then Instagram, and then Facebook. I’ll also check in to a few places on Foursquare for good measure.

What do you worry about at night?  I try not to worry. When something starts to disturb me I actively think other thoughts.

Most exciting recent news?  Free wi-fi for Canberra town centres. That’s got to be a good thing. Hopefully Belconnen will get it soon.

Ideal Career?  I’m doing what I enjoy now. I’m an adviser in Australian Government and an Honorary VMO in ACT Government.

Recent Book you recommend?  Ship of the line by Diane Carey. It’s a Star Trek novel set over the TOS and TNG eras with some DS9 elements.

Recent online video you laughed atI can’t remember but I’m sure it had cats in it doing silly things.

Favourite FoodMy favourite food is congee or jook. It’s comfort food and great for Canberra winters. Very close is my Mum’s wonton soup because it’s communal food. My best wonton meal was a couple of years ago with my parents and brothers all participating.


You can learn more about Gary and his many passions at . Gary is on twitter at @garydlum, @Yummy_Lummy and @DrGaryLum and here’s a link to his Instagram account.