A funny news.com yarn about “Food and Politics in Canberra”

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Anyone who pretends food and politics have nothing to do with each other, please pay more attention!

I was a bit offended by sloppy Joe’s fictitious claim today that there’s “only a few restaurants in Canberra” to choose from. But no-one has more right to be offended by sloppy Joe than Clive palmer after Joe claimed Clive is having several dinners each night! That’s below the belt Joe!

Joe said “But it doesn’t surprise me, in Canberra you bump into each other at restaurants. I mean, there are only a few restaurants in Canberra.”

And in a jibe at Mr Palmer he said: “Well, obviously Clive might have more than one meal a night so it’s quite possible you’ll bump into him in a restaurant.”

The article goes on: “But the taunts soon were turning on Mr Hockey, with Bill Shorten going food mad over the mere mention of a banana split just before lunchtime today.

While addressing reporters about Mr Palmer’s rendezvous, the Opposition Leader picked out repeated cliches from the political cookbook. While he didn’t know what the meeting was about last night, Mr Shorten was sure about a few things.

“What I do know is that Malcolm Turnbull was eating Peking duck last night, Joe Hockey’s left looking like a goose this morning and we’ve got a lame-duck Treasurer,” he said.

Mr Shorten was certainly interested in the “late night meal”, despite insisting he had no idea what was on the “menu”.

When asked whether there was anything wrong with Secretary Parkinson dining with Mr Turnbull and Mr Palmer, he said the issue wasn’t about him being a public servant.

“The issue is that clearly Tony Abbott and Joe Hockey have wheeled Malcolm Turnbull out of the freezer where they keep him.”

Clive and Malcolm


One thought on “A funny news.com yarn about “Food and Politics in Canberra”

    shenANNAgans said:
    May 30, 2014 at 2:15 am

    Clearly Joe doesn’t know or appreciate ALL the Berra has to offer. We have had the pleasure of Mr Palmers presence in our Column Restaurant 3 days running this week Elias, its pretty great publicity and a positive note that ‘some’ of our restaurants are nailing it with what is served. 🙂 Not bias at all! LOL! 🙂 PS: I can’t believe grown men are slurring each other in such a manner. Surely there are more important things to focus?! Damn!!!

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