Behind the Bar: Chester

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I like this personal view of what makes a bar tick: real people with a vision for what they love and want to share. Bit out of my price range though … But will keep it in mind for a special occasion! 🙂

The Martini Whisperer

IMG_4823 My word, we’re not in Kansas anymore.

Our Nation’s capital is all very grown up when it comes to venues now, and the bar at the unique hotel hotel in New Acton is a sign of the times.

Some thoughtful ideas on contemporary design, art and sustainabilty come together in this very welcoming space.

It attracts a diverse and appreciate audience, and on the night of this chat, I observed everyone from a large group of twenty somethings having cocktails, ladies in the 50’s sharing craft and book stories, a large posse of black tied corporate executives enjoying a conference pre-dinner, few TV celebs and some hipster consultant types enjoying their expense accounts.

So the large space with its various nooks is very accommodating.

In theory all the concrete in the building could make for an intimidating space, but its the genuine warm welcome from the team that means your…

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