Ha Ha Bar in Belconnen (Emu Bank, next to the video store)

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(Two #Canberra beanies) sml beaniesml beanie

My wife, five daughters and I recently joined @James_Tew and his three daughters for brunch at the Ha Ha Bar at Emu Bank in Belconnen. Although my wife had been there previously for drinks with friends this was our first meal there and we were pleasantly surprised. The small façade facing the car park opens up to a larger eating area and impressive deck overlooking Lake Ginninderra.

Although they weren’t set up for kids we had no trouble ordering them meals. I ordered an eggs benedict ($16 with extra bacon) and my wife ordered a big brekky ($18) and shared some with me and the little ones.

eggs benedict

big brekky

I immediately tested the consistency of the eggs and they were appropriately runny. I’m not an expert on eggs benedict but it tasted great and I would recommend it again.

runny eggs benedict

James ordered himself a very attractive breakfast pizza – I might try that next time!


We had some delicious coffee as well and enjoyed watching all the girls devour their specially-made pancakes and enjoy their orange juice. This meal was more expensive than my normal fare however its important to occasionally take out the family for a special treat in a new environment and give the young ones a chance to make new friends and get out of their comfort zone. We had a great time and we will definitely be back. TWO #Canberra beanies.

ness and grace ness and grace b  ness and grace d

One of the best things about the Ha Ha Bar was its proximity to one of our favourite kids’ playgrounds at John Knight memorial Park. The girls had a great time and we all got to enjoy a sunny Sunday afternoon watching the kids socialise and play.

jas michaela swinging

We’re looking forward to return soon to the Ha Ha Bar and trying the rest of the menus, and if I can wrangle some baby-sitters, the cocktails as well!


…and we’ll visit the Lake Ginninderra ducks again too


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