Canberra’s AWESOME 2014 National Multicultural Festival

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This year was the 18th year that Canberrans enjoyed the biggest and best multicultural festival in Australia (maybe the world?). Over 260,000 people attended over three days from February 7-9. With each subsequent festival twitter has become a better source of advice about which stalls are worth seeing and what ford and drink is worth tasting. It’s an unsurpassed opportunity to try lots of different foods and beers and other drinks (kava, etc.) from around the world as well as enjoy several days worth of free entertainment from some amazingly talented people both in Canberra and from around Australia.

If you want to see (and hear) what happened then my best advice is to search for #NMF2014 in twitter and scroll through the amazing pictures, videos and posts from those attended, enjoyed and recorded the weekend. You can also follow the official twitter account @NatMultiFest and scroll through the many posts and reposts from the weekend. Enjoy!

Here are some random highlights (If anyone can teach me how to cleverly embed links I will buy you lunch):









Well-known Canberra camera whiz Greg (@gcnelson) posted this short video:

trying again with a different link:


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