Belconnen Labor Club Chandler Cafe Chicken Curry

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(Three #Canberra Beanies) sml beaniesml beaniesml beanie

The small bistro-style café (Chandler café) at the Belconnen Labor Club is one of the North’s hidden gems, particularly for big blokes that enjoy a flaming hot curry.

Was passing  through #Belco recently so I wandered into the #Canberra Labor Club to try a hot meal at either Superwok or the Chandler Café. The lunchtime queue at Superwok was long (because it’s reasonably priced tasty food in an air-conditioned club with relatively cheap beer).

A word of warning about the curry though. I loved it as I like my curries hot. But I watched a young woman struggle to eat half it. She wanted more but couldn’t handle the heat so asked the kind lady for a take-away container to finish it off at home (no doubt with a large tub of yoghurt to dull the pain 🙂

Belco chicken curry

This massive & HOT green chicken curry only cost $10.90. It was big enough to feed two hungry peeps & make them cry. The beer was very cold too, which really hit the spot on a warm day when you’re eating curry. Loved it. Highly recommended. 3 #Canberra Beanies

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