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Impressive list of top 200 #Melbourne Food Blogs

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This is a very impressive list and I may possibly not get much sleep over the next few weeks while I slowly read through it.

Have any Canberra foodies recently attempted a similar list of Canberra food blogs? It might be time to try. Anyone interested in a collaborative project?


Tash reviews King Fook, Florey

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Pretty soon every foodie (and wanna be) in Canberra will have heard of tash (who blogs as A Kitchen Cat). If you’re not sure who I’m talking about read this:

As well as the finer things in life, tash also appreciates a tasty bargain. Here’s her review last year of a hidden gem in Florey (and no, it’s not the biggest Dominos Pizza shop in Australia, which also happens to be in Florey!)

King Fook, Florey.

Best Traditional Food Dishes From Around the World

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Loved the photos in this short article about the Best Traditional Food Dishes From Around the World. I’m very disappointed I couldn’t try all these dishes during the recent Canberra Multicultural Festival. I might write a letter complaining to the government about that 🙂

Love this quick Canberra review by Tara’s parents

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I love this quick Canberra review by Tara’s parents. Reminds me how much fun it is to take visitors around our beautiful city. Well done Tara! 🙂

Canberra – a review by my parents.

Some wise advice about what lies around the corner …

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I really enjoyed reading this great post from a fellow Canberran about the wonderful things that may lie just around the corner…

It reminded me of all the (often random) unplanned adventures I’ve had in life and all the wonderful surprises we can experience if we put our fears of the unknown to one side, at least temporarily.

As a very new blogger it also impressed me how much relatively young writers (through their blogs) can show wisdom beyond their years. We should always listen to people who have constructive and considered ideas to share.

Have a read and I hope you also enjoy it.

HAHA Bar date with Mr TweetCanberra James Tew

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If I had less children I would have posted this earlier! But James beat me to it


I will follow up tonight hopefully with my interview questions, revealing more about James and his superhuman blogging and tweeting efforts over the past few months since he launched Tweet Canberra and burst onto the local twitterverse.

Fire in Sydney Building

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Very saddened to hear about the fire in the Sydney Building today.

Lots of photos online via @CanberraTimes and #Canberra peeps on Twitter and Facebook. Early reports say the fire started in the Coo Japanese Restaurant in East Row. Looks like much of the building and opposite shops will be shut down while emergency services mop up and deal with the asbestos in this old building.