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CBR Dumpling House

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This place is very new and hard to find for the uninitiated. It’s located just behind PappaRich (also fairly new) in the part of the Canberra Centre that people usually only pass if they happen to use the outside open-air carpark at the north-eastern end of the centre.

That said, it’s definitely worth a try. Although my colleague and I did blow our usual ($15 per main) budget, it wasn’t by much, and it was only because we got a bit greedy. You can easily keep yourself to a small budget at this place and enjoy fresh dumplings. They also serve water at the tables so you don’t need to buy a soft drink like we did.

dumpling house menu cover  dumpling house bill

For entrée we decided to grab some spring rolls, which looked very unusual but were very tasty. They are coated with angle-hair pastry, instead of the usual sheet pastry and this makes a novel difference.

dumpling house spring rolls

We also highly recommend the “combination dumpling” & “mixture dumpling” dishes. They are exactly what their names suggest and the supply was more than enough to share between 2!

dumpling house main

Overall, we were very impressed. If you feel like you need some education and entertainment either before or after your meal, there were a few people standing at the very large street-side window that allows you to watch the dumpling masters in the kitchen. It’s better than reality television, which everyone knows, is not really much like reality after all.

Dumpling House gets 3 #Canberra Beanies.

Indo Cafe

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Anyone who has worked around London Circuit in Civic would have noticed the usual long queue for weekday lunch specials at the Indo Café (located in the old Waldorf building). The café is run by a lovely family who have also recently opened an outlet in the lower food court of the Canberra Centre, also called Indo Café).

indo bag

The curries run at a very reasonable $8, so a meal with a drink will set you back $10. That’s much cheaper than a flight to Jakarta. Goes without saying that the food is authentic Indonesian cuisine and its very tasty.

Also, if you have worked late and missed your usual lunch break it’s worth popping into the Canberra Centre Food court after 2.30pm to see if they have any boxed-up left-overs from lunchtime. You can occasionally do yourself a post-lunch-rush favour & grab $5 box &/or $5 entree pack from Indo Café. This joint is always satisfying and deserves 3 #Canberra Beanies.

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Burmese Curry Place

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That Burmese Curry Place on Alinga Street has been famous for many years for affordable and authentic Burmese cuisine. For only $8 you can eat-in and enjoy a two-curry and rice super value meal. Recently I enjoyed a tasty chicken-prawn & chicken-bean curry with rice. There are also generous helpings of spicey condiments if the curries aren’t hot enough for you. They wisely keep most of the curries to a very moderate heat. This Canberra institution gets a well-deserved 3 #Canberra Beanies.

curry place

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Double Drummer in Barton

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In the second week of February in 2013 Double Drummer started serving food in Barton. First impressions are the size and bustle during the busy lunchtimes. The café is well-situated for a large public service lunchtime crowd in a new building and without much nearby competition. It’s yet to reach its full potential, with a new full-service kitchen being planned in the next few weeks (so stay tuned for earlier opening hours and a new breakfast menu).

My colleague and I both enjoyed our lunches. Service was quick. You order and pay over the front counter and there is a separate coffee counter (with wine and beers as well). I enjoyed (devoured) this tasty Peri Schnitzel. At just $13 with drink Double Drummer gets 3 #Canberra Beanies. I will definitely return and try some of the tasty-looking pastas and salads at the main food bar.

double drummer peri schnitzel

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