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Mooseheads at lunchtime on Tight-Arse Tuesdays

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I don’t go to Mooseheads after dark. However during the day it looks and feels like a regular pub. On Tuesdays it’s worth going in for the cheap and reasonable pizzas which are large enough to share.

mooseheads a frame tight arse tuesdays at mooseheads

I had the Greek pizza and my mate had Hawaiian pizza. We also had a bottle of beer each and enjoyed sitting at a nice window seat and watched lots of Canberra go by on London Circuit. It’s not a bad way to spend an occasional lunch break. The service is ok (the pizzas took about 15 min). They certainly weren’t the best ever pizzas but it’s hard to beat the value of a large fresh lunchtime pizza for $12. 2 #Canberra Beanies.

mooseheads pizza

Mavi (Turkish) at The Realm

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class restaurants like the Ottoman with its nouveau Turkish cuisine. If you want affordable Turkish food there is a hidden gem only a short walk from the Ottoman in the same building as The Realm Hotel, situated next to the National Press Club.

At Mavi there is an extensive menu but for just $13 buys you can enjoy a tasty lamb skewer roll & coke. Order and pay at the bar and the food will be delivered to your table. 2 #Canberra Beanies.


Uni Pub

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It’s not widely promoted by I recently discovered that on Monday afternoons the Uni Pub (on London Circuit and University Avenue, Civic) sells (if you buy a pint of beer) reasonable burgers for $3. If you’re up for an early drink or a late lunch on a Monday afternoon. 2 #Canberra Beanies!

The Burger is served with a generous side of chips, not bad value for $10 (including the compulsory $7 beer 🙂

uni pub

Touch of India

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This will be short and sweet. I did not need dinner after a lunch at Touch f India in the Canberra Centre Lower food court recently. The 3 curry 14.90 meal deal was huge! As well as three curries the platter included side salad, too much rice, yoghurt side & an Indian sweet. A friend helped me by eating the large Naan bread. They said the beg vindaloo would be hot but I found it quite mild. The lamb rogan josh was delicious and the chicken curry was great. 2 #Canberra Beanies.

taste of india canberra centre

Fusion Cafe

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The Specials Board of the Fusion Café (Sydney, Building Civic) was far too tempting. Have often passed this café without venturing in and was curious about who ran it. Our friendly owner hails from the sub-continent and is keen for new custom, so expect (as was received) good and fast service.

fusion cafe specials board

Having recently tossed aside any health-related New year’s resolutions, the Cajun burger with chips looked tempting. I wasn’t disappointed. It was a large burger and a large side of chips. Well worth the $10.

fusion cajun burger

The $3.50 coffee was good as well. This place is not amazing (yet) but if the owner’s enthusiasm is any guide it will be one worth watching. 2 #Canberra Beanies.

Whilst there we witnessed a photographer friend of the owner taking photos of a sumptuous banquet platter for their new website. So I’ll definitely be back to sample that at some point. It’s around $22 but looked amazing.

Pappa Rich Nasi Lemak

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Soon after PappaRich opened we popped in to try their Nasi Lemak , a signature Malay dish.  The picture in the menu looked great. The joint was packed. The price was right!

nasi lemak catalogue shot

The real thing looked surprisingly similar to the catalogue shot (which means the chefs are good and the photos in the menu are realistic). It tasted great. While eating lunch we observed some amazing-looking food being delivered to other tables. I think PappaRich is the kind of fast-serving restaurant that it would be very difficult to get bored with because of the variety of dishes served. Although not the cheapest Asian lunch in Civic this place is still highly recommended. 2 #Canberra Beanies.

papparich nasi goreng

If you’d like to know more about PappaRich theer are a few Canberra Foodies checking it out on a regular basis. @rachiperera blogged her first visit here: “Lots of food consumed, lots of photos taken and I declare the Nasi Lemak a must!” http://le-bonvivant.blogspot.com.au/2013/12/papparich-canberra.html?m=1  …

Focaccia at Tossilinis

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While most of menu at Tossilinis is well beyond our ( < $15 a meal) range, it has, arguably, amongst the best coffee in town.

The location also makes it a prime target for meetings throughout the day from the nearby offices, departments and Legislative Assembly. Tossers (as it is affectionately known by regulars) has lots of competition for cheap food, but if you’re here early or late for a meeting and want a quick bite to eat then you will find the $12.50 bacon focaccia can hit the spot. Not the best place in town for affordable meals but the service and freshness of the food is amongst the best in the cafe and restaurant business in Canberra, so we’ve awarded it 2 #Canberra Beanies.

tossers bacon focaccia