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Double Drummer in Barton

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(Three #Canberra Beanies)sml beaniesml beaniesml beanie

In the second week of February in 2013 Double Drummer started serving food in Barton. First impressions are the size and bustle during the busy lunchtimes. The cafĂ© is well-situated for a large public service lunchtime crowd in a new building and without much nearby competition. It’s yet to reach its full potential, with a new full-service kitchen being planned in the next few weeks (so stay tuned for earlier opening hours and a new breakfast menu).

My colleague and I both enjoyed our lunches. Service was quick. You order and pay over the front counter and there is a separate coffee counter (with wine and beers as well). I enjoyed (devoured) this tasty Peri Schnitzel. At just $13 with drink Double Drummer gets 3 #Canberra Beanies. I will definitely return and try some of the tasty-looking pastas and salads at the main food bar.

double drummer peri schnitzel

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What is a #Canberra Beanie?

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A #Canberra Beanie is EXACTLY like a “Michelin Star” or a “Chef’s Hat” except it’s not such a huge wank. If an eatery is fast, affordable and tasty and provides enough food for a reasonably balanced meal and reasonably healthy diet, it will get three #Canberra Beanies. If the food is not tasty, slow or it’s a bit pricier than expected or something is odd with the service or setting then expect two or one #Canberra Beanie. If there’s no #Canberra Beanies awarded then you might want to have another look at the top ten. Remember this is all completely unscientific and prone to human error, just like the Michelin Stars and Chef’s Hat systems! 🙂

sml beaniesml beaniesml beanie

What is a Michelin Star?

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michelinstarWhat is a “Michelin Star”?

The term “Michelin Star” is a hallmark of fine dining quality — which is pretty funny considering that Michelin is, in fact, a tire company. But the Michelin company launched its first guide book  in 1900 to encourage road tripping in France, and started anonymously reviewing restaurants by means of a three-star system in 1926.

Michelin awards 0-3 stars on the basis of anonymous inspections by reviewers. The reviewers are supposed to concentrate on the quality, mastery of technique, personality and consistency of the food, not on interior décor, table setting, or service quality.

In Australia, I don’t think we have any officially rated Michelin Star eateries, well because I reckon they are biased towards French food, which is not really that popular in Australia, certainly not compared to Asian or American-style (pizza, hamburgers, fried chicken, etc.) cuisine. anyway they’re all bloody expensive. If you’re interested there’s a list of expensive Michelin-Star-Style restaurants in Australia here: